Friday, December 19, 2008


We've been tagged! Freedom's Call tagged us for this photo tag! The rules are simple:
*post the sixth picture from your sixth photo album *pray that you remember the details, then explain the picture *tag five other people by leaving a "You've been tagged!" comment on their blog, and ask them to look at the directions for the photo tag on your blog
Nanny (one of our favorite grandmothers ;-) is an excellent face painter! Above, three of our cousins (L. to R.: Emilee, Carson, and Logan) model some of her designs! Lookin' good, guys!
Okay, so now for our "Tagged Victims!" We pick Chris and Tasha, Franklin and Lorina, Josh and Laura, Chris and Linnea, and Corey and Ellie.
Can't wait to see your pictures! Have fun with this!