Friday, December 9, 2011

Let it Snow!

This morning it was -1 degree outside on my (Amy's) way to work. The lake was entirely frozen over, as was a good section of the river that flows into it. Yet we have almost no snow. On my way to get the office mail, I looked out the window and thought it appeared to be a lovely October day. Then I realized it was December 9th. In Minnesota. So weird. I really hope we have snow for Christmas!
Despite the lack of snow, December is off to a good start. This month is going to be busy for us, but not too busy. We're looking forward to Christmas get-togethers and seeing friends home from college. I'm hoping to read a couple of books for pleasure over break, as I'm beyond sick of textbooks. I really like listening to Dave Ramsey, so I'd like to read one of his books. Any suggestions?
I've finished two finals so far. Two down, two to go! I am so looking forward to a break from homework, and to new classes next semester.
I hope you all are enjoying your Decembers and that your Christmas seasons will be full of time with family and friends as you celebrate Jesus' birth.